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Branding06 stycznia 2012

Is Abercrombie&Fitch a five-sense brand?

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If you ever wondered how it should look an almost ideal point of sale which will consume their potential customers (as well as encourage them to draw the purse), you probably could come into contact with the term five-sense brand. The theory promoted by Martin Lindstrom in his book “Brand Sense” is neither a cluster of thoughts nor a utopia. Indeed, there are brands that have successfully used this strategy in its sales and advertising activities.

Five-sense brand? What’s that?

This is a brand that is able to effectively influence the emotions of their customers, using all five senses: touch, hearing, sight, smell and taste. According to scientists/reasearchers (as it is repeatedly emphasizes in Lindstrom’s book) appropriate use of such a mix of senses may bring to the company a lot of benefits, both those connected with the image (remember, increasing awareness, faster brand positioning) and financial (sales growth). Because customers are becoming more educated and resistant to standard forms of promotion, and on the shelves every year there is several thousands of new products (hypermarkets), marketers and brand specialists are on their heads, to break throughwith its offer to the minds of its customers.

It is widely known that the primary (and often the only one) sense that companies focus on is sight, in specific cases also hearing. Unfortunately, still not enough companies decide to go further, reaching across to the multiplied transfer to other senses. Providing an argument that 75% of our emotions stimulated by the odors coming to us, may begin to finally hit marketers, which will encourage them to extend the message about the use of the other three senses.

Let’s have an example?

 If you do not believe let me give you a simple example of a brand that in place of selling perfectly uses almost all the senses of people who visit it. Abercrombie&Fitch – youth clothing brand, still poorly known in Poland ( their shops are not available in our country, they generally have more than 1050). The brand is extremely popular abroad and it perfectly knows what to do to gain loyal customers and increase the income. In every, more well-known (and important as far as sale is concerned) city A&F has a large surfaced area shop, which from the outside looks like the entrance to students associations in American colleges. Elegant railings are set at the entrance, sometimes red carpet. Visitors are mostly greeted by two employees (often the models, once it was a requirement in the recruitment process). So, going to A&F at the start, we can feel ‘honored’.

1. Just behind the entrance a windfall for women. Disheveled model with beautiful body invites you to go inside, but before that he urges young women to take a picture with him (standing next to a beautiful A&F employee with a camera in her hand) as well as to pickup a small gratis. Obviously, women can touch perfectly posing well-built man, and that fact at the very beginning of their visit to Abercrombie affects their sense of touch. Unfortunately, the rest of the crew in the shop must not be touched.

2.Loud music comes out of the shop, indicating that inside people are in the middle of the great event  and we definitely should join it, asAbercrombie & Fitch Models invited to it are all those who have a considerable (preferably) amount of cash in their wallets. Inside the music is not played more quietly, so difficult to speak, after all, you need to focus on shopping. The most common words we hear in A&F are “hello”, “welcome to A&F” , “see you soon” or “it looks great on you”, uttered by sellers. On each floor we are welcomed by a beautiful saleswoman, who just today received the position of welcoming guests, and her role boils down to greet and farewell customers loudly smiling nicely at the same time. That’s how A&F manages its customers‘ senses of hearing and partly sight.

3. There is a buzz inside, the lights are slightly ( or “very”) dimmed and illuminate only the main products, places where frequently local beauties can be found, walls with fabulous pictures of attractive fellows (in the first years of the A & F they were tall, handsome and blue blonds, the storescould not hire black people, what has changed after the court proceedings) and cash desks. Each product is packaged in distinctive paper bags, with the image of a man in briefs with beautifully sculpted abdominal muscles. You can’t miss them while rambling in any of European cities where A&F has its shop. Involving the sense of sight? You’re welcome.

4. A&F like every self-respecting clothing brand has its line of perfum which is scents that are sold in all stores. The sense of smell is an extremely vital human sense which is responsible for most of our taste sensations and  A&F’s marketers perfectly know that. Entering their shops perfume fragrance spray even hits you, not to say ‘reject’. Scent marketing in all its glory. After few minutes spend in A&F temple you can easliy get used to it or even come closer and check how expensive it is. Obviously some A&F shops do not use their perfumes but just uniqe fragrances created for the brand.

5. Less involvement of sense of taste is the main reason why in the name of post is the ‘almost’. A&F as a company that sells clothes, has a somewhat difficult task of managing this sense of its customers,which does not mean that it completely ignores these actions. Stores offer sweets signed Abercrombie logoand they, more or less, may compensate its customers the fact that clothes they like so much can’t bite and eat the same way. Otherwise A&F would be complete in terms of the use of human senses.

In this way, one of the most popular youth brands in the world uses the power of sensations, received by customers in five different ways. And now let’s see how much you, Mr. and Mrs. use customers’ senses in its smaller or larger activities. Creation of five-senses brand is certainly not easy, but it’s worth to engage them as many as possible , because strong emotions that customers experience with, permanently bind them with the brand, which in a straight line translates into the amount of money issued to its goods or services. Other brands of this type? Let me think: McDonald’s, SIngapur Airlines, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Volvo (and some brand cars) …

Learn more about brands based on senses in Martin Lindstrom’s book “Brand Sense”. Certainly it will give you many ideas to again (or only) kick-start your brand in the eyes of customers.

Watch simple black-white A&F’s advertise.


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